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VoIP - Voice over IP - Voice over internet protocoll
VoIP an interesting technology for everybody

Since 12 years we are experiencing, using, distributing and servicing VoIP technology.

By the time our old ISDN based PBX system broke down, we thought about a new one and realized, that a computer that would do the job would be by far closer to FraminGo's qualifications and profession than anything else. So we engaged in computer based telphony. We had the sole ambition to replace our old ISDN-based PBX, we never wanted to use internet wide telephony with some VoIP provider. We simply wanted to use it inhouse. Outgoing telephone calls are still exclusively routed to our ISDN phone lines for a couple of reasons.

  • Debian or CentOS Linux as a base operating system.
  • Asterisk based telephony software - FreePBX / Trixbox
  • Fritz PCI ISDN cards (low cost) or Junghanns Quadbri ISDN cards.
  • VoiP telephones from Snom and wireless Siemens DECT phones.
  • Experience

    In the meantime we have already installed a number of systems for customers, that all fullfill the task of replacing a former ISDN inhouse PBX. With as much as 30 telephones and 3 analog fax machines in one system we have had no problems so far in all our installations. The functionality and reliability is absolutely equivalent to a regular professional ISDN-PBX system. Users gained a couple of advantages from VoIP, because they only need to maintain one wiring topology in the house and the interaction between PBX and computers like dialing from the PC screen or administering basic functions of the phone via web browser is considered as pleasant. The possibilities of remote administration have greater efficiency and comfort as well as reduced time and therefore money costs.


    Because we enjoyed the advantages of free software and as we still discovered a large lack of information for VoIP PBX systems, we wanted to share some information and software with other users for free. Free information helped us, so we decided to give something back to the community. In the following you will find various links to helpful information or software that you may use absolutely for free. Feedback is always welcome.