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Vista and FraminGo - Personal thoughts
Where are you going Windows Vista?

Windows Vista is strange - maybe as strange as Windows ME. Probably it's best to wait for its successor.

Windows Vista has a nice candy desktop with beautiful optical effects. Under the hood it is inconsistent, incompatible, the halfhearted rewriting of some applications ends up in a mess from oldschool Win3.11 up to the Aero style.

Windows Vista is a resource greedy monster. You need at least 2GB of RAM to run it properly. Regular harddisks running 7200 upm are slow, because the enormous amount of data moved. We reccomend using HD RAID Level 0 or 5 for good harddisk performance.

The compatiblity to former Windows versions is ambiguous. Expect trouble with drivers and funtionality when you try to connect an older Printer-Scanner-Fax Combi or exotic hardware (e.g. USB-Sticks, TV-converters, Ipod).

Windows Vista and security

A major change are Windows Vista's security features. They tend to annoy the user with continuous questions if something is safe to do. But how should the user know? Isn't it the operating systems task to know? The user simply gets used to klick away and continue; this ist definitely no way to security. The included anti virus program 'Windows Defender' is a little joke compared to other anti virus programs on the market. The 'Device Control' has no server component and therefore can only be used very restrictive. The 'Windows Firewall' was a joke in XP and remains one. 'Network filtering' is an ideal jobmaker for computer service technicians. 'DRM' seems to work for the sake of the music and film industry. Is there any user who wants this? What's the advantage when a regular user can't connect to the internet because it is considered insecure by the operating system?

Valuable Changes

The help system is new, to use old help files (*.HLP) you have to download an additional Program from the internet.
The task manager can easily be led to not being able to terminate a programm like notepad even as adminitrator.
The automatic directory refresh thwarts each folder opening so extreme, if it contains media data, so that folders containing a large number of videos (>500) apparently never open.
As soon as only one media file is found in the folder , all regular file attributes of all other files will no longer be shown. Instead Vista assignes each *.TXT *.DOC *.EXE *.PDF ... document absurd info like picture format, play length and album title.
The 'Vista performance index' of a new PC can easily be decreased from a value of 1,0 to 3,5 within 1 day of regular usage.

What about working with my PC?

I don't need a candy desktop. I don't wear pink lingerie either
I don't need bulging title bars in double height with color gradient. I need every millimeter of my screen space for information
I need each single Hertz of my processors frequency for what I want and not for what windows thinks what I should need!
I don't want to play, because i want to work. For gaming by far better Playstations and X-Boxes are available.
I don't need transparency and shadows, because I'm growing older and my eyes get worser. I prefer everything clearly visible
I guess, I don't need Vista ...

Vista Wait