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Products from FraminGo

Framingo Planer

A Group calendar, todo-list, addressbook and file sharing as a web bases solution.
Have your personal and group dates and todos, your addresses and files easy accessible from the internet and you only need a modem and any browser (No Plugins needed, plain Html+Javascript).

Your dates and todos are in one environment with your colleagues or friends. Download and Upload files to share them (no FTP needed). Choose different rights from the integrated user administration to have 'view only' users, or restricted address and/or file access.

FraminGo Xploiter, the integrated file browser, gives you Windows like access to remote files. Create folders, delete and rename, up- and download files with a web based solution, that feels almost like your local harddisk.

Send an E-Mail to us, to obtain your free demo account for a live demonstration.

Framingo WWWlocal

Run HTML created by PHP on your local machine. Browser, Server and PHP-CGI in one package. Your trusted and powerful PHP as a local scripting language. Display standard HTML (Win32 uses MS-Explorer OCX).

WWWlocal is tested to run with embedded PHP 4.3.4 or 5.1.1

Write installation or configuration scripts in PHP with full system access and combine them with full internet access.

Easy configuration by editing one INI-File, compact in size (with PHP4 < 800 KB) .

Framingo Guestbook Spam Protection

You have a nice little guestbook on your homepage and get terrorized by some idiots writing guestbook spam entrys like mad.
For a very little fee of 1 EURO per month, we can effectively help out.

The most guestbook spam is generated by machines and therefore has some specific characteristics. We analyze a guestbook entry for a series of criterias and successfuly remove spam entrys.

Our software filters every entry in your guestbook and then decides if it goes through or not. Each entry is also mailed to you with a clear explanation, why it was eventually blocked. Should an entry be accidently refused, you only click on a link given in your e-mail and you force the entry back into your guestbook

How much time have you spent cleaning up your guestbook from daily spam?

Framingo Webswitch

Switch up to 8 lines with 230 Volts/1500 Watts via internet. An easy to use web interface allows user action as well as script access in PHP or Pearl. Each switch command is logged. WebSwitch requires a Win32 server.

Reliable solutions already run on Win98 with Abyss Web Server and PHP.

Webswiitch live demo


Please find hereunder the range of programmes we offer for free download. The Programmes user interface is german language only. Should you be interested in an other language version, please mail Apart from all enthusiasm, we should be grateful if you would kindly support our programmers financially, thus enabling them to maintain programmes and to create new ones. Undoubtedly these internet pages are not to be had free of charge, and these pages have to be updated regularily by us. We recommend to read the enclosed README.TXT carefully, and note the copyright.
The use of the programmes is without any guarantee.